Exotic Indian Jewelry

Exotic Indian Jewelry

The secret behind the exquisiteness of Indian jewelry and Indian women

Indian jewelry is as admired for its exotic looks, as are Indian women admired for theirs.

What is the secret behind the beauty of Indian women?

There can be no doubt about it at all, Indian women have very exotic looks – and the beauty of Indian women is quite evident from the fact that more and more women from India are now winning world famous beauty pageants.

Perhaps one of the biggest secrets to the exotic beauty of Indian women lies in her adorning herself with exquisitely crafted jewelry from India. Jewelry is one of the most important things in the life of an Indian woman!

Exotic Indian jewelry - Indian necklace

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All sorts of exquisite jewelry

India is filled with so many cultures as there are so many different regions in India and as a result of these many different regions and diversity in cultures – the result is a broad variety of jewelry. This is because people that belong to the different regions and assorted cultures in India, follow their own traditional ways of craftsmanship and the result is unique styles that are specific to a particular people of a particular area.

When people get married in India, it is the jewelry that plays an important role in the wedding ceremony. The jewelry makes the wedding rich and unique.

Indian jewelry - amber and turquoise necklace

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Indian jewelry is rich and filled with tradition

When certain people get married in India, they make it a point to buy a great amount of jewelry – as much as they can afford in fact. This is because jewelry is considered to be lucky and as the couple is getting married – the more jewelry they have – it is symbolic of more wealth and good luck in their wedded journey in the future.

On the grand occasion of her wedding, the Indian bride is adorned with all types of jewelry – from head to toe. This jewelry is then passed down from generation to generation – it is a tradition to do this.

Various designing techniques in Indian Jewelry

To design jewelry in India, various kinds of designing techniques are made use of and these include the likes of Meena, Filigree and Kundan works. Kundan jewelry is made out of gold and it is very refined. This type of jewelry is one of the most famous forms of Indian ornaments worn by brides for their weddings.

Today, all kinds of modern, as well as old fashioned Indian jewelry, can be obtained anywhere in the world – for any person looking for exquisite jewelry from India.

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