Indian Bracelets for Indian Brides

Indian Bracelets for Indian Brides

Two sets of Indian bracelets for Indian brides

Most Indian brides have at least two sets of Indian bracelets.
Why is this so?
Indian brides love to wear different sets of bracelets for their wedding and also for their engagement party. It is a kind of status symbol that every Indian woman loves to flaunt and make a statement declaring that they have loads of bracelets and jewelry.
The bride would wear totally different bracelets for her engagement party and then yet another different set of bracelets on the day of her wedding. Mostly, the bracelets that are worn for her engagement are of a lesser value as compared to the bracelets that the bride will wear on her wedding day. But this is not necessarily true and it would all depend upon the financial condition of the bride and her family.
Indian bracelets can be simple or complex
The bracelets that an Indian bride will wear for her engagement party are almost always far simpler and less heavier in design as compared to the bracelets that she will wear on her wedding day. Of course, once again, this is not necessarily the norm and it would depend on the economic status of the bride. Along with the bracelets, the Indian bride would also wear earrings, necklaces and other kinds of jewelry for her engagement party.
The bracelets that are worn by the bride for her wedding day and her wedding night are almost always traditional jewelry. Meaning, they are passed on from one generation to the other, as has been a tradition in India, since many hundreds of years.
All kinds of bracelets
The bracelets that almost any Indian bride will wear for her wedding are generally given to her by elder members of her family and they have been passed down from generation to generation. This has always been a custom in India. But of late, there is a change as the bride is much more modern and demanding and hence she would like to have bracelets of her own choosing for her wedding day.
Thus, if they can afford it, Indian brides would get these bracelets custom made for their wedding! Almost always, the bracelets of the bride are very heavy and extravagant and they are guaranteed to attract attention. This is of course done deliberately by the bride as she wants to be the center of attraction on her big day and one way for her to do so is by having only the very best Indian bracelets.



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