Indian Gold Bracelets

Indian Gold Bracelets

India’s Exceptional Gold Bracelets

Anyone who’s ever been to India can tell you that gold jewelry is by far the top choice in Indian fashion; gold is truly a timeless classic. The tradition of gold jewelry craftsmanship in India is both ancient and sacred, like most of Indian culture. In fact, the entire Indian subcontinent is widely believed to have the longest continuous heritage of jewelry making in the world: 5,000 years and counting. It’s no wonder then that gold jewelry from India’s top artisans has been a favorite export item since time immemorial.

One tradition that still continues in India today is the significance and tradition of gold bracelets and other gold jewelry within Indian marriages, especially to adorn the bride. It’s truly a breathtaking sight to witness a Hindu bride enter the room in a silk sari and wearing a spectacular array of gold ornaments; you will feel that she has truly been transformed into a goddess. Gold is the most popular choice for most of the jewelry the bride will wear, including bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, bangles, earrings, anklets, nose rings, and more. They can also be made from platinum, diamonds, or silver depending on the bride’s preference. The various gemstones are also believed to enhance the blessings of various planets in one’s life. The choice of gemstones is often very carefully made, in a culture that places great importance on astrology. The ornaments are highly significant. The bride is truly being considered as a deity, a living goddess, in her marriage ceremony. In a practical sense, the golden ornaments represent the tradition of the bride’s dowry that she is bringing into the marriage union. If you ever get a chance to visit India, you must visit one of the large, multi-story wedding centers there. There will often be an entire floor of nothing but Indian gold jewelry, with every kind of gemstone and design imaginable. You can choose your own settings and have everything custom made to your every heart’s desire. The prices are quite affordable, and you will walk away with a true keepsake that everyone will envy.

Would you like to tap into your own Indian Inner Goddess? Here’s a bracelet traditionally made without being too flashy that I just love to go shopping at Amazon. Here you can find a great example of a high quality Indian gold bracelet with excellent detail work.

Gold Over Sterling Silver Round-Cut Emerald and Diamond Accent Royal Indian Bracelet-

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This item is called “Gold Over Sterling Silver Round-Cut Emerald and Diamond Accent Royal Indian Bracelet”- offered for sale by Joolwe Online Jewelry Store. It was created from gold over sterling silver, with square cut frames featuring miniature studs and exquisite designs of scroll work with diamond accents. The round-cut emeralds truly complete the look of high-class royalty. All of the stones used in this piece are 100% natural and untreated. It’s offered at an exceptional price given the quality and limited supply of the product.

Indian Gold bracelets are investments that never go out of style. Look for these latest trends when shopping for your gold bracelet:
-ornate designs that incorporate floral elements
-diamond or tear drop shaped centers
- pearls

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