Indian jewelry is synonymous with marriages in India

Indian jewelry is synonymous with marriages in India

Indian jewelry is synonymous with marriages in India, in fact this is a tradition with Indian people, all over the world.

Why Indian weddings are so unique
Have you ever seen an Indian wedding? Indian weddings are filled with people wearing traditional clothes and traditional jewelry from India. These clothes are very colorful and they are also very unique. And to top it off, they wear the most exquisite jewelry from India.

This kind of jewelry is extremely traditional and they contribute to making an Indian wedding extremely unique. When Indian people get married, they make sure that they have on jewelry that is made up of the most exclusive designs. Most of the time, this jewelry is made to order for these occasions and they help adorn the bride most of all and to some extent, even the bridegroom has on some jewelry.

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Indian jewelry is also very traditional

Depending upon the situation of the couple getting married, there are occasions when the jewelry is passed down through the centuries – this is a kind of tradition in India. This is especially true in the case of royal families or very rich families.

In such cases, there is no need to buy jewelry as these families pass on the jewelry that they have accumulated over the years. Thus as some of this jewelry is very ancient, it is extremely exquisite and rare. This jewelry is then passed on to the next generation and as such it is not just rare, but it is priceless.

All types of rare jewelry from India
Jewelry from India has now become extremely popular all over the globe, with people from all walks of life. And one of the main reasons for this is that this jewelry is very exquisite and there are so many different kinds of this jewelry from India that are available and all of them have their own unique touch.

Jewelry from India is made from so many different kinds of designing techniques. Some of the techniques that are used include the likes of: Kundan, Meena, Filigree, to name just a few.

Jewelry especially crafted for Indian brides
One of the most popular, most sought after and an extremely famous type of jewelry from India – one that is made especially for Indian brides, is known as Kundan jewelry.

This type of jewelry is made from extremely highly refined gold. The center portion of this kind of jewelry is made from lac. Lac is a resin that is obtained naturally from nature and this is got by hardening the sap of the tree.

Thus, there are so many different and very exquisite kinds of Indian jewelry and this is what makes it so very popular all over the world.



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