Indian Jewelry Traditions

Indian Jewelry Traditions

Why Indian bracelets are such a big discussion point

Indian bracelets are not some new kind of jewelry in India and this tradition of making and wearing jewelry in India is an age old one.

Indian Bracelets: A tradition since centuries past

Making all kinds of intricate bracelets and decking themselves with them is a tradition of the people of India for thousands of years. For centuries now, women from India (and men too!) have been wearing all kinds of ornaments – including natural ornaments such as leaves, flowers or some other natural stuff.

One of the major features of bracelets from India is that no matter what your attire is – a wedding dress, ball gown, Indian sari or a micro mini, these bracelets will go well and make your dress and you stand out. In fact, no outfit can really be complete without bracelets from India. If you want your presence to be marked and noticed, wearing bracelets of Indian origin are definitely going to help you in flaunting what you are wearing, as well as your looks.

A very vast variety of Indian bracelets

There are so many thousands of ethnic bracelets that can be obtained from India and these can be bought almost anywhere in the world. These bracelet designs are created with a fusion of all kinds of Indian styles and they are made to suit all kinds of budgets.

Even better is that there are so many different bracelet options to choose from: bracelets made from gold, sterling silver bracelets, pearl bracelets, polished platinum bracelets, diamond bracelets and even bracelets made from all kinds of inexpensive materials.

Indian Jewelry: Not just for special occasions.

People do not wear bracelet jewelry from India only in front of large audiences; people also love boasting about these kinds of bracelets, when they have small parties or even when they are in front of a small audience.

You may not believe this, but there are all parts in India, that have made their name from all different kinds of bracelets. For example, Southern India is very famous for its temple jewelry while Western India has all kinds of mirrors and stones embedded in their ornaments. Carvings from Northern India are famous all over the globe and Eastern India is famous for its bracelets made from beads.

A big point of discussion

Whether it is gold or silver or just something made from ordinary material, Indian bracelets are always a big point of discussion among girls and women.



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